New Orleans Condo Renovation – Cotton Mill in the Warehouse District

New Orleans Condo Renovation – Cotton Mill in the Warehouse District

For those interested in the possibilities of remodeling, I thought I’d show the before-during-after pictures of our condo at Cotton Mills.

I purchased the condo two weeks ago. We’re giving it a total makeover, and I thought it would be fun to show the progress as we go along.

When complete, this will be a rental condo, a great New Orleans location in the Warehouse District, perfect for medical students, a vacation rental, or as an executive rental for those visiting New Orleans to work for a while.

This is unit #150. It is a one-bedroom unit, about 600 square feet, and included a “loft area,” but not a finished loft. Here is a picture of the first part of our project: the loft.


The picture above is the “loft area,” which may or may not have been intended for a loft. The left side is over the bathroom, which had an 8′ ceiling and no finished floor above, in the loft area. The right side is over the closet. There was no ceiling in the closet, just a gaping hole all the way to the 18′ ceiling above. The wall between them was solid, and seemed to have no function at all. We weren’t sure what we’d run into trying to unite the two sides of the loft, but that was our plan – to cut a doorway, build a closet ceiling/loft floor on the right…

So… the floor came first…


Then, we cut the doorway. It turns out there were metal 2x4s in the wall, but no plumbing or electrical wiring. We did bring an electrical outlet up from the bedroom wall during this step.


You can see in this picture the finished result of the snap-in bamboo flooring. It was rather easy to lay, and made a finished floor that is very inviting if this loft is used for sleeping.

Last, we added some iron railing. This is for safety, and also looks great from the bedroom below. It gives a sense of having a balcony in a courtyard, in keeping with our overall plan to “bring the outdoors in.”


And the finished railing project view from the bedroom below:


Curtains will be hung on the rods above the railing for privacy and to hide items in storage. We plan to use the loft as my daughter’s sleeping area when we visit, but the area would also be great for storage for someone renting the condo.

And last, but not least, here is the view from upstairs, inside the loft. It needs furniture, but the colors are great, the trim is complete, and we’re off to a great start.


Right now, the condo is being painted, and a major floor demolition is under way. We’re going down this weekend to inspect the progress so far, and will add a new blog about the next steps in our renovation of this New Orleans Warehouse District condo… soon available for rent.

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