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If you’re visiting New Orleans for an extended stay, you’ve probably looked high and low for just the perfect housing situation, only to find that obstacles are everywhere – properties are not as lovely as advertised, the owners want you to connect your own utilities or rent your own furniture – or worst of all, the lease terms are inflexible, and your stay here is based on a job with an uncertain end date.

We get it.Corporate leasing is a unique situation, and it’s the mainstay of what we do. We hand-pick beautiful properties and keep them in inventory so that we’re as familiar with the properties as the owners are. This helps us match YOUR situation to the perfect condo for you.


With the needs of out-of-town guests in mind, we choose our condos based on:

1. Quality locations in downtown New Orleans – close to all the conveniences you need.
2. Safety. Secure buildings and assigned parking are very important to our guests, so these are priorities for us when we accept a new property.
3. Flexibility. We work with our owners year after year, getting to know which ones can flex with your lease dates, add special cable channels, allow your pet to come with you, and dozens of other things that make you comfortable while you stay away from home.
4. And of course, beautiful decor, warm amenities, gyms, pools, concierge services… not every condo complex has these things, and not every tenant requires them – but most of our inventory does include the luxuries that make your stay enjoyable and safe.

We can help you “settle down” in New Orleans in a comfortable and pleasing condo or apartment, fully furnished and ready to move in. Give up on the endless search for a perfect situation, and let us be your corporate housing solution.

Whatever your request, our answer is usually, “Yes.” Call today, move in today!

Anne Beck


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