Emergency Responder Housing

New Orleans has its share of natural disasters; hurricanes, floods and more.

Emergency responders head our way to help, but while they’re securing housing for victims… where do they stay?


Hotels may or may not be an option, and if you’re here for a month or more, there are more comfortable ways to have a safe place in the city to call home for a while.

Flexible leases, pre-screened private inventory, managed by licensed realtors – these are the amenities that can make all the difference.

We are prepared to work with your per diem, can design a flexible lease with a low deposit, and have been assisting emergency responders for over 15 years as they navigate the job at hand.

Give us a call.  We are happy to find you an all-inclusive condo or home for your stay, helping you avoid the potential scams in the aftermath of a disaster and the impersonal experience of a hotel stay while you’re here.

504-812-4702 – Anne Beck, Broker/Realtor