What Is Corporate Housing?

“Corporate Housing” is a term that is used to describe a house, condominium or apartment that is furnished, has a short term lease or flexible lease terms, includes all utilities, and offers a “one-price-includes-everything” monthly rental fee.

“Corporate Housing” includes terms like: “short term rentals, short term leases, furnished condos, furnished apartments,” and there are many other terms used to describe a very simple situation:  move in with just your personal belongings.  We provide all the cookware, housewares, linens, furnishings, utilities, and a parking spot, if the property can provide parking.  Leases can be as short as a month, while others are longer – even up to several years.  Depending on your needs, and the needs of the owners of each property, our job is to match the right tenant with the right property, the right lease term, and the best location – usually for less than an extended stay in a hotel, and much more like being “home!”

In a nutshell, we know that New Orleans has many visitors who need a place to call home for longer than just a night or two.  Though many local hotels offer extended stay options, it’s just not the same as having a “home away from home.”

Our owners are often people who have purchased a wonderful vacation home, furnished it with great local art or their favorite things, and then find that they can’t visit as often as planned – or they prefer to use it only for certain times during the year and special events.  Meanwhile, the property is empty, costing them money, and taking on small damages due to being vacant.  They would rather have a responsible guest enjoy their home, keep an eye on things, and provide an income while they are away.  Perfect for you – perfect for the owner!

Many realtors or private owners have not worked with enough extended stay visitors to feel comfortable with the fluid, always-different needs of corporate rental clients.

At New Orleans Condo Leasing – that’s what we do!  We can make it easy for you, saving you weeks of browsing ads, only to find that lease terms are strict, the properties are not as advertised, and you are forced to sign a lease for longer than you may stay, or held to inflexible terms when you’re not sure of your “end date.”

Give us a call, and we will work with you from our private inventory to find just the right place.  Enjoy New Orleans like a local!