Military Housing in New Orleans

We are proud to provide housing to military personnel stationed in New Orleans! We’ve had many military extended stay guests from the Naval Air Station and the Marine Corps Support Station, and we understand the unique set-up of your housing allowance and reimbursement schedules.

We can provide special invoicing so you receive your reimbursements quickly and efficiently, and can include expenses related to your stay in one simple recap that will assist with prompt reimbursement.

We also understand that your orders are not always issued in conjunction with typical lease terms. You may require a lease that renews every sixty days, or even month-to-month. Many of our properties can flex with you to provide a comfortable home for you and your family, and we can work around the unpredictability of the length of your stay.

Call us with any questions you may have regarding your stay in New Orleans. Military housing is very familiar to us – and we’re glad to help!