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Like all good things in life, my business evolved from personal experience, and has become the premier corporate leasing company in New Orleans.

I founded this company, unofficially, in 2008 when I purchased a fixer-upper condo in the Cotton Mill building in the Warehouse District. I was in the midst of a life change, bringing me back to New Orleans often enough to need a place to call home – and I put heart and soul into the renovation of my little haven… creating a getaway for myself and family and friends.  This is how I met my husband, Bobby… he did the beautiful renovation that you see in the photos!

While working through selling a business in Monroe and trying to figure out the details of moving back home, I had an offer from a medical student to rent my condo for the summer semester. I really didn’t want to do that…

But practicality led me to give it a shot. I leased it, unknowingly, as a “corporate condo,” complete with all my brand-new linens, my favorite local art work, books, kitchen-ware, and I included all the utilities because I didn’t want the hassle of reconnecting everything three months later.

Reluctantly, I went back home – then I had an inspiration. Why not buy one more? Then I could rent one of them out and keep the other for myself? The rent on the one would pay for the other… wouldn’t that be a great way to transition and make my move financially feasible?

It wasn’t long before some neighbors in the building asked me to help them rent out their condos in the same manner. Since I’d been in marketing all my life, it made sense to teach them how – but most of them just wanted to walk away and have me handle it for them. I came up with a reasonable fee structure and quickly found myself with a viable little side business.

Realizing that I should probably get my real estate license, I became a Realtor with the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors, made my permanent move back home, and in 2012, I opened my own office, now known as NOLASinc. (New Orleans Leasing And Sales, Inc.)

There is such a need for these services, both for condo owners and for the many temporary residents of our city, that business grew exponentially in my first official year in real estate. I love what I do, sometimes wondering if this really counts as a job?

I’m currently enjoying the new location of our Uptown office on Magazine Street, transitioning from our leasing specialization to a full service real estate brokerage, knowledgeable in representing sellers in the city of New Orleans – now including Uptown, Garden District and Mid City.  I and my agents are always available to help both local condo and homeowners find or sell their homes, using our knowledge of the city to help you make the best decisions.


Corporate Condo Leasing and Sales in Downtown New Orleans

Anne Beck – Licensed Realtor
Corporate Condo Leasing and Sales in Downtown New Orleans


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