Preparing for Carnival in New Orleans

No matter how long I live here, I just never get tired of Mardi Gras.

Believe it or not, there are many realtors, so disgusted with the congestion and craziness in the city, who throw up their hands, give up on working through the traffic, and just take a cruise during Mardi Gras!

Well, as much as I think that annual cruise would be a blast, I would never consider leaving home and missing all the fun this time of year.

Just thought I’d share a few fun things from our Carnival Season this year. First, see that little king cake and the gorgeous purple, green and gold ice cream? We had that at Emeril’s after an awesome “business dinner” a few weeks ago… Not sure most people would want to eat purple, green and gold ice cream… but if you love New Orleans, those food dyes and already part of your DNA, so slurp it down and enjoy!

And my four-year-old son asked when we were going in the attic to get the Mardi Gras decorations down… yikes. I had left the “Mardi Gras Tree” up so long last year, that I was able to move it into his bedroom and change the decorations – just in time for Christmas! So, I wasn’t even planning on getting it back out of the attic until – maybe never. Then again, when someone is four, everything must be celebrated somehow, so… I made a wreath for the front door, which I think turned out really well. Then, with the leftover ribbon, I decorated his tractor, and “Yard Carnival” began. Yard Carnival means Bryce, and sometimes his three-year-old friend next door, driving their little cars and tractors around, throwing all the stuff they caught at parades out into the yard, over and over and over again. They never tire of it. Even now, with Easter and St. Patrick’s next on the agenda… Mardi Gras is still in full swing each afternoon in our back yard.

So… it’s not over ’till we say it’s over. Keep it coming, New Orleans, let’s just celebrate until after Jazz Fest, then maybe we’ll settle in for summer.

Anne Beck
New Orleans Realtor, Reveler, Etc.

Condo Leasing During Mardi Gras… Or Not.

I get tired of explaining that leasing condos “short-term” here in New Orleans does not include vacation rentals. Our real estate office is focused on leases of a few months or more, catering to those who are here to work or enjoy an extended stay. The week of Mardi Gras, everyone assumed we were “full,” and the week after, the phones rang off the hook. Still… even though we avoid vacation rentals, it does affect everything we do during the Carnival Season!

While parade schedules made it impossible to get much work done, we still had a great time, and so did many of our owners and tenants.

From the office, we are just a walk through the breeze-way away from all the action of the parades on St. Charles Avenue. For the last few years, we’ve done a Friday night party at the office on the weekend of Mardi Gras, just because it’s a fun way of sharing the comforts of the office with friends and family, and tenants and owners, who want to enjoy the parades with a base nearby for those two essential Carnival needs: Bathroom, and Beer storage. We’ve got all that, and this year was the best ever.

My husband, Bobby, and son, Bryce, were the first on the parade route, practicing the art of keeping Bryce’s hands up and shouting, “FOOTBALL!” to request the throws he likes best. Some of our favorite tenants walked over from their condos in the Warehouse District to enjoy the night, neighbors from Destrehan braved the Downtown parades from our cozy spot, and even my Mom, notorious “Parade Pooper,” got right in the middle of it all, trying to get videos of the Marine Corps band and the beautiful costumes that strutted in front of our spot at the Intercontinental Hotel.

We spent Sunday in an equally wonderful, work-related venue. Our gracious hosts, the owners of 1722 Jackson Ave B, invited everyone to experience Bacchus from the parking lot and front porch of the lovely condo. Once again, we landed in the perfect place for a beautiful day of parades, walking just a half block away to parades, and having the magic Bathroom and Beer storage spot at Ginny and Annette’s place.

Trying to meet a client on Julia Street Saturday morning took 3 hours to move less than half a mile… but that’s okay – I wouldn’t trade our “job” for anything. It’s great to be so spoiled with the perfect set-ups for enjoying the city, and being able to offer those same comforts to those we serve. Just awesome. Just way too fun to stay home and complain that New Orleans is inconvenient to work in during the season.

If you call this work…

Anne Beck
New Orleans Realtor, specializing in not much of anything the last few weeks!

SOLD: Cotton Mill Penthouse 15

This is a new listing at Cotton Mill Condominiums. A rooftop penthouse with all the extra amenities you expect in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.


  • This unit overlooks the lush courtyard at Cotton Mill, with beautiful view of the New Orleans skyline. Enjoy it all from the rooftop patio.
  • An open floor plan and vaulted ceilings let in tons of natural light from the windows in the living area.
  • A gourmet kitchen boasts all the amenities – granite counters, stainless appliances, a built-in wine rack and a breakfast bar that sits across from the kitchen island.
  • Two bedrooms, two baths, wood floors and a huge storage area in the downstairs entry… a great home in the heart of downtown New Orleans.


The Cotton Mill complex has every feature of luxury living in the city. 24 hour security, meeting room, courtyards landscaped for privacy and serenity, a full workout gym, code-swipe entry and FHA approved!

Call for more info or a private showing.

Anne Beck